[o] a hand amongst houses (bristol 7)

‘a hand amongst houses’, gloucester rd, bristol 7

the boy was waiting in front of me, i think he wanted me to take his photo though we never communicated until afterwards. he came over to chat and asked for some money, explaining he was homeless. i had no decision to make, nor he any luck, as there was no money on my person. as we were chatting two guys in a white van drove up and beconned him over. i watched as they talked. the boy, who’s name i didn’t catch, looked nervous as the passenger (who i was watching via the wing mirror) leaned over the driver to speak. apparently they asked him to drive with them to southampton to strip copper. i was glad he had said “no”. if i see him again i will stop to say hello and make named introductions, at least

originally uploaded by james koch


5 Responses to “[o] a hand amongst houses (bristol 7)”

  1. Reaching out puts someone in the picture- reaching out to put someone in the picture? Those houses are so tipsy-turvy right behind him, not quite the straight and narrow. It’s nice when the story is the picture and vice versa.

  2. hi Joanna, are those alternate titles youre suggesting at the start? i’m always open to suggestion but not sure i follow. yes, the houses are all angles and juxtapositions, aren’t they. just like the people under their roofs and on the streets below, i guess

  3. Hey James, no I wasn’t suggesting alternate titles, I was just thinking that the actual photo was a handy (pun!) representation of the story as well. The hand reaching out into the frame literally while the guy reaching out metaphorically. Reaching out by being in the frame (the hand) while the guy was doing the same? A reflection without a reflection I guess. A fleetng thought at best. Love the houses.

    • ah i’m with you, and i agree. sorry i think my mind was a bit frazzled last night… i also tried to position the boy by the one way arrow behind him to emphasise this. “a reflection without a reflection” – i like that. thanks, as always, for commenting J

  4. The arrow works so well. Every time my eyes would wander to explore, the sign kept saying ‘look here, this is what I’m showing you’.

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