[o] muse me (bristol 8)

‘muse me’, queens rd, bristol 8

originally uploaded by James Koch


4 Responses to “[o] muse me (bristol 8)”

  1. thanks J

  2. The stuff in the left side of the Frame is cool. Got the Picture of the lady who looks like she is giving an angry look to the couple, the couple who look happy and then the single lady. Maybe could try experimenting with a square crop or something.

    • i’m trying to balance the beautiful, bright half of the ladies head with the dark, colourless half of my head in the shadow on the right (that’s also my reflection on one leg at the back). to compose it i started by aligning the hanging basket behind the girls eye and positioning the grey box over her mouth (from the window a yard in front of her), i then aligned some of the right hand verticals. the other characters hopefully bring further clean, surreal balance. this shot is as as it was straight out of the camera, no cropping. the title is an ode to the girl and me. and also that it’s a reflection taken in the Bristol Museum

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