[o] ikea love (bristol 2)

‘ikea love’, paul st, kinsdown, bristol 2

originally uploaded by kochy


9 Responses to “[o] ikea love (bristol 2)”

  1. Cool reflection. I actually like that you only showed half of the body in the reflection using the broken glass instead of showing all of it.

  2. cheers. aimed to get them as close to the corner as possible but glad i got a shot at all as i didn’t have long. ah, young love…

  3. Yeah, dont see much of that in the streets of Tokyo though hehe.

  4. love! – feel free to send me a print
    95e Hornsey Lane, Highgate London N6 5 LW

  5. Beautiful shot, it’s poetic. All of your shots are. Maybe because they capture so candidly, the spirit of the City as a majestic entity that holds all that ever was, and ever will be.

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