the jam – that’s entertainment (1981)

the band that launched paul weller.

‘sound affects’ (their 5th album) was released in 1980; influenced by current post-punk bands such as joy division. paul weller said that he was also influenced by the beatles‘ ‘revolver’ and michael jackson’soff the wall’

you can hear the revolver-era swirling psychedelia around the 2.05 mark on this track.

weller allegedly wrote ‘that’s entertainment’, a bitter slice-of-life commentary on the drudgery of modern working-class life, in around 15 minutes on returning (under the influence) from the pub.

despite being only available as an import single, it peaked at #21 on the uk charts, an unprecedented feat.

it made american magazine rolling stone’s 500 greatest songs of all time.

not convinced by the drummer, thou.


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