the go-betweens – streets of your town (1988)

australia’s finest group… the go-betweens were formed in 1977 by singer-songwriters and guitarists, robert forster and grant mclennan, aiming to recreate andy warhol’s factory… in brisbane, australia.

the band had an intensly individual make-up. both main men writing separately; forster with arrogant tales of high romance and mclennan with more dream-like poems, such as this.

but the success they aspired to never came. streets of your town was their highest charting uk hit – at no. 80.

mcLennan died on 6 may 2006 of a heart attack  aged 48, a year after the release of their 9th, and final, album.

the name of the band reflects l.p. hartley’s classic novel, the go-between.


2 Responses to “the go-betweens – streets of your town (1988)”

  1. Great tune, great year!

    Great pictures real meaning x

  2. thanks jamesy boy x

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