[o] music in march (bs3)

‘music in march’. oxford st, windmill hill, bs3

8 Responses to “[o] music in march (bs3)”

  1. Great capture of the kid with the ball in the air.

  2. the ball was stuck in mid-air, wouldn’t come down

  3. if it’s still there I could go by and take a photo as well. How synchronised would we be?!

    • great idea, but i had a stepladder with me at the time and had a word with the ball – he told me he was going away for the bank holiday weekend to bounce on a beach in bodmin. i didn”t think to ask where or when he would be returning. sorry

  4. agree with Joanna. like this image, but also maybe if you cropped it down to the boy and the ball it might make a nice image for a card or something?? just an idea x

  5. FYI Rodney Trotter chased a mugger through here in Only Fools And Horses :-/

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