inspiration / misinformation

hello there

great news!! will try to post more regularly, with more individual (recent and old) shots, as i continue to explore bristols’ endless community, diversity + culture. categorized by postcode.

also: music videos, movie clips, original sountracks and quotes that are inspiring me. i hope that they inspire you too. as always, i’d love to hear you thoughts and feedback.

check out #luckycloud on the right hand side of the blog…

lastly, i thought you’d be relieved (hopefully not let down) to know – after a visit yesterday from the local counter-terrorism unit – it seems i am not an imminent threat to national security, after all. despite the report received of “suspicious behaviour… taking a photo into the shop window of a mobility centre and of a st. george’s flag in easton”, we all agreed that it wasn’t because i had murder-on-my-mind. although, neither did i want a mobility vehicle. just a happy medium between the two.

glad we got that one cleared up.




4 Responses to “inspiration / misinformation”

  1. goodness!

  2. You’re like one of those citizen heroes. Power to photographers and all that! 🙂

  3. i know! and i wasn’t even wearing lycra that day!

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