wonderhood (st. marks rd, bs5)

i cannot disregard these experiences. memory and imagination is all we are. let them, and us, swim freely a while, unfettered. till the shoreline becomes distant and we come conscious with a submerged stretch to unreachable pebble bed…

it’s 8.30am and shutters clatter sharply in the cold – one-way off the stapleton road. the first deal of the day: a flicked gold wrist swaps candycane; a quick tryst down a darkened lane.

before the bridge i lean arms over iron railings sawn back, sanded a creamy black. did you know they converted gods’ house to flats?

up above: the new day washes his face – painted white by moonlight – sat on a rooftop perch, hidden by a tree behind the church.

branches tickle pavement host, sent down by a weighty ghost. 

“hang on to your sense of wonder” the girl says, “never let it go”. and she turns, eyes wide under hooded home. “but be free not to know“.

a bearded cane. a zipped stella. a laughing car. four feet sync elixir to memory, returning shortly with metallic percussion slaps in blue polly. the sun shouts his name and bangs his belly. RAAAAAAA!

taking time in the thali nation, i sit at the lone piano widow and watch passers-by chew melodies and sip saint marks’ invocations.

the outside: a hooded boy and pal. they hug: nose vertical, eyes horizontal. the dog with the child in his eyes barks at his own reflection.

the otherside: a girl with fern latticed eyes etched out of dark amber popped into pink sockets. “be free to know what you think” she nods with a humble blink, eyelids blotting out beads of ink.

around the corner of brenner, boydog tread – past traditional dress and frilly spread. they disappear into distance and dark, passing, as they do, boy painting his doorway red.

“alright?” i ask.”yeeaaah” he says, letting out a gentle breath, stepping off the stair.

to the corner he walks and into the sun. with nothing to say and even less to be done.

till he turns, and with spoken word so soft, so free, that the letters stumble randomly through air and battle gravity to reach me:

“don’t you see? this whole world’s a playground. to be forever young – just be

thank you for reading don’t forget the sun. take care. k((o)) 

2 Responses to “wonderhood (st. marks rd, bs5)”

  1. The photo of St. Mark’s road looks beautiful, cluttered and perfectly framed. Nicely done.

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