warmth within (bs6)

layered up, hood over hat and soles pressed with a prayer to grip, not trip, their master.

all around us – some kind of sky magic. 

abRacadabRa, white and blue, manly matter, lost from view.

but i remember early evening t-shirt weathers, warm beer breeze and summers lying on grassy downs. it seems so long ago now.

solitary elderly men and women make their way – careful as they go – wrapped up deeper, higher, tighter as stocks run low.

narrow desolate streets of redland. i hug tracks to the heart…

… as kensington meets redland rd, crosses the bridge and passes communal gardens – where kids build brothers and fight sisters for the last swing.

scheduled-snowy-top chugs into redland station… disparate bodies almost converge on melted ‘mac… we all move off again- vanishing into city.

taking shelter down cheltenham, i turn to face the old polish church. i see shadows hard, but real; and light reflecting a force – so distant – coldly.

when the ice recedes, old streets might return with old ways. but for now each step is calculated. every breath savoured.  all sights beheld.

please: don’t let me be comfortably numb. i’ll do anything to always feel this warmth within.

thank you for reading don’t forget the sun. take care. k x


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