profane illumination (whiteladies rd, bs8)

i pass the tower we built. i am celebrating the birth, the birth of another day.

the bull, the bear and the boy sit uneasy in the same room. run: don’t stop…

… when you do – wrap warm and come closer than before. link arms, share smiles and protect. did you know – you are flush with blood, peach melba, under the softest sun ever known to man?

and beware the sliding door. skin – fluero grey on film – is eaten from the inside in. he is a hungry beast.

away from the dazzle of predators and branded prey, to the long open road. toward the southern solstice i have begun to track – my beast – though it lies 100 coastlines and 1000 tides away.

his whisper may be faint but i hear him. calling, calling me out. calling my head, heart and eye to align this day.

“i am the cloud in the sky, the sky. i am the bird in the tree, the tree. i am me to you, as you to me. i am happiness as naturally can be. i am time: the start, the end. stay close. don’t leave.”

and all was still.

me too: finding raised vantage – i lay my head and breathe breaths so cold in, so warm out, into a sky relating no needs or deeds.

i follow fireflies as smoke sprinkles my ceiling. a sweet scented hope takes my mind another place. staring, once again, into my makers’ face.

thank you for reading don’t forget the sun. take care. k x


One Response to “profane illumination (whiteladies rd, bs8)”

  1. an undiscovered poet…keep painting letters and capturing moments. Don’t forget the sun and kocky photography…you should be very proud for many reasons. I am impressed and wish you more of the best x

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