lightgeist (whiteladies rd, bs8)

sometimes you never think you’ll wake to see the light. for it takes sleep to wake, and the dark has no horizon.

close. open. 

broken faces, displaced places, mirrored memories and revolutionary desires crackle and snuff; gone for now.  how long was i in, exactly?

yes, that’s right: i had been staring at the sun from under the warm sea of a million red fishes, breathing quite freely, only to emerge – inside out – looking in from the outside at cold water and limbless swimmers.

i stitch myself back together so that i might see again, where i am now.

and so to walk; rolling half dreams whole, every bean. this is my convergence, i suppose.

these bristol streets. us as we are: where we go and what we do. if not sure why.

the boy reaches up with spirit, discovering a higher unity between real/imagined.  into the future and what he will never know for sure.

thank you for reading don’t forget the sun. take care. k x


One Response to “lightgeist (whiteladies rd, bs8)”

  1. From a boy to a man
    I have watched you
    and turn to face
    the sun

    And it hits you like summer in a golden a church

    Go Kocky Go – it takes a lot of sucking from the root to be able to grow
    not that i would know
    but we should compare journeys
    some progress fast, other slow
    and no one ever said
    we had to know
    which way to go?

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