dream painting (villefranche, provence)

underneath the mountain i took myself. from home to circus; cafe to cabaret.

foreign familiar of a magic bishop – sweating uncontrollably – sat in one corner.

pink squint as beautiful as the crossed glance of premonitions and memories. if you smile at me i will understand, i thought to myself.

i eat more purple berries and climb…

two ladies sit, three steps higher. i recognise them, two. ‘kadji terru timba, flambosa rinkle sin tampu, gaduossa ramo pank’, one. the salon was empty, zero.

circle, till i am quite lost to myself.

indeed – looking over my shoulder, i find the shadow is not mine, but that of a blind man. ‘yes yes, hello boss!’

whilst the guns rumbled, we sang ‘we reclaim the right to see each other! we demand the right to piss in colour!’ as one.

over a corner – wooden ships, silver people (free, easy). through, under and back up again. into the sea.

thank you for reading don’t forget the sun. take care. k x


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