looking for love (antibes, provence)

by now i have managed to forget myself. no time, no worries. so i look to recognise a rythym in the world of real things…

hot, i shake the sun from my sweater and tie it around my waste. she sits; spiraling inwards, outwards in his palm. the all in all is yellow and blue for as long as she allows.

i pass an elderly gentleman, a vicar and a boy asleep on the curb, drunk. we all thought there was nothing more, but had always hoped…

further up the hill,  the service was finishing. the congregation pile into the courtyard; lighter, heavier. hugs, smiles and goodbyes; till the families have gone and those left look around, deciding what next. as it is: a game of chance, sheer chance.

we pass each other, maybe twice and we greet. we walk to the water, chasing tails to the sea.

the little boats set sail. the all in all is yellow and blue.

i turn to leave. the deep warm kiss on the mirror of my memory will never be lost, but will always be in the past. new moments are waiting for me now.

thank you for reading don’t forget the sun. take care. k x


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