wide eyes (redland, bs6)

the elderly gentleman was the only other customer in the coffee shop; eyes fixed, slight tremor, full mug on table. the sun was just climbing the other side of cotham hill. we were waiting.

last sip, black + bitter from white cup. monochrome like early morning streets; empty save polystyrene tumble-weed and man exiting newsagents on other side. long unkempt beard, rustic dress; he drinks fiz in one, unsteady on feet like sugar rush. after inspecting the barrel, upwards look a-lickety-lick. i don’t recognise his face.

crossing over, i can feel the start. i curve my path and reach for it, for my hands are cold. i see Ra’s face and follow the howl; long white ride till my path is blocked by woven wire. and so i turn to inspect the colours in my wake.

the lady follows my footsteps, not far behind.

these memories of cotham hill; university mornings, curry evenings, vinyl bargains. stumbles, walks and runs.

upwards to gas station, run dry. hang a left, along aberdeen. north up hampton.

non-descript driveway leads to courtyard. creaturesque yelly-belly shackled up; eyes wide open. lonely, but not alone. how long has she been left here?

alongside young guy i passed previously. we walk in time, pace for pace (just for a short while). he is heading home, breakfast bagged.

onto chandos – another independent hub; evolving slow, subsistent ambitions – the last duke. little boy stands, book in hand, looking into barber shop considering whether to cross the line…. what does instinct say?

and so: i keep going, weaving in and out of the shadows on the vanity of my imagination. though the darkness is never far, the sun is often out and my dreams are all my own.

thank you for reading don’t forget the sun. take care. k x


2 Responses to “wide eyes (redland, bs6)”

  1. Mr Koch. Very splendid indeed. I like it alot!

  2. thank you sir, much appreciated! 🙂

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