last post (filton avenue, bs7)

early start, new setting. my eyes blurry and head confused by dream flashes and this new place – compass points, people and props.

idiosyncratic independent shop fronts, shutters down.

optition has only one eye – open, spectrummed-iris, few lashes. i search for a view….

cross the street to beauticians – packaging and mirrors, all.  

‘special offers…’: ‘smilegems – temporary tooth jewels’, ‘caribbean gold – get the best out of your skin and get the best out of yourself! cheers!’ i get my shot and cross, back into the light.

people start to emerge from doorways, corners and horizons.

a well lived lady stops as i’m hunched composing a shot, just above ground level. i stand up in her presence; she leans carefully on her wheeled helper.

“i thought you were praying down there” she says dryly. “do you think i should?” i reply.

“what are you taking photos of?”. “around here – filton avenue”.


just up the road she turns around, putting finger to mouth as if to ponder her thoughts. “don’t forget to look in this garden” (finger now outstretched, to a point opposite where she stood), “it’s beautiful”.

“thank you, i will”.

a gentleman, swiss-rolled-daily under arm, tells me i’m kneeling in the spot his dog takes a piss every day. he and his dog carry on past.

back down filton avenue i head, the way i’d come in. a glossy red post box stands between me and a now derelict post office. once again, i am aware that i am not alone. 

petite lady – left – looks at me. we chat a bit about the sunshine. about her morning and plans for the day. about her occasional visits to ebeneezer church. about her age (88 – i told her she must surely be younger). she smiles constantly.

filton avenue – peculiar place. particularly friendly people. 

don’t think i’m making myself more available… perhaps the post office is a clue? plenty of take-away fronts, beauticians/hair salons and the obligatory supermarket. but something’s missing…

i wonder what this street used to look like. i wonder where retired residents i’ve spoken to today pass the time of day, meet friends, chat. i wonder if they think i might be able to help. i wonder if i can.

i stop to talk, at least.

thank you for reading don’t forget the sun. take care. k x


2 Responses to “last post (filton avenue, bs7)”

  1. like the way you can just look at pics/blogs for a certain postcode. good work….

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