higher ground (clifton, bs8)

sometimes you really don’t feel like getting up off your chair. and as the sun finally appears for the first time, and i’m enjoying a cold beer looking into it, i’m doubting my chances of getting back up for a while yet. after two beers i’ll have no chance so it’s now or never, as they say.

“one shot” is what i tell myself, “you’ll be glad”.

it had been a sociable day;  i’d been attending my goddaughter’s 4th birthday in the morning. kids, parents, pass the parcel and punch and judy in leafy stoke bishop’s village hall, bs9. mildly disturbing (in a nice way). i’d then been out flyering for the severnshed show, briefly popping into uncle samsto skim through colin’s latest selection of american t’s.

home – quick nap – out into the late afternoon with my camera as i realise the day is getting away from me. but there’s no sun. what to do..?

so there i was: sat outside independent bristol bar amoeba (check it daytime for jan’s lovely food and in the evening where music and a sambuca wielding ruth raise the tempo), drinking a very refreshing pint as the skies began to clear.

i make a clean break and loop princess victoria st onto the mall. passing perma-tanned old luvvies and retired mayors outside the brunel, they appear suspicious of my presence. i smile back without breaking stride.

downhill along queens rd i soon find my way home, “winding my way through the plans i never made”.

a short weekend begins with longing – the leisure society 

thank you for reading don’t forget the sun. take care. k x

nb click on images to view bigger. double-click to view full screen.


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