fancy free (bishopston, bs7)

it’s another slow, sunny sunday and change hangs in the air. hunched bodies, papers in hand, are adjusting to temporary sobriety and headaches; the last remaining spring blossom is holding firm as their siblings’ bodies litter the ground; the elegance of bs8 makes way for the regimented residences of redland bs6, onto the fancy-free-dom of bishopston bs7.
ahh, gloucester rd!

now, for those of you that don’t know bristol’s gloucester rd, to me it’s a community oriented, free-spirited, conscious kinda place. locally owned shops sell everything from good value fresh fruit and veg to retro clothing to vinyl records. shoppers support their independent local businesses, helping their neighbours express themselves and make a living. keeping their high street local, individual… interesting.

all around me i see people immersed in their day, hour, conversation, moment. the now.

anyway, where was I? well, as i reached the crossroads of zetland rd, gloucester rd and cheltenham rd, i bumped into an old friend – phelim byrne – the singer of one of my favourite bristol bands, day one. he was out for a sunday run, pack on back, beads of sweat giving away the extent of his exersion. we talked music and life and then he was off – like a march hair – into the distance. with phelim’s kind permission, today’s musical instalment is a day one track from their first studio album ordinary man. their new album – probably art – is once again produced by beastie boys/beck producer mario caldato jnr, and well worth checking.

finally, and whilst we’re on the topic of running, i’d like to mention my sister, emily. 22 years old and having also settled in bristol, last year she was knocked over by a van on a pedestrian crossing in london. she had both her legs broken and smashed the windscreen with her head, such was the force of impact. after several ops, and with a lot of determination and hard work, she is well on her way to making a full recovery. emily is now training to run the bristol half marathon in september and is documenting her progress on her own blog, from no boots to running shoes. well done em, keep going….

to square the circle, emily’s also about to move to gloucester rd, which i know she’ll love. 

and here’s that track – in your life – day one.

thanks for reading don’t forget the sun. take care. k x


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