rise and shine (bedminster, bs3)

early morning sun kisses my forehead before poking me in the eyes. no alarm clock needed today. it’s getting light early now and what a luxury to discover clear blue skies and the full day ahead of me. it’s shower, coffee, bagel, playlist and out the door, camera in hand, with a springtime step. 

i’ve come to love just walking; sometimes somewhere planned but often just where the wind blows me. breathing in bristol air. listening to music. looking… hopefully seeing.

today it’s bedminster bs3 via clifton bs8 and the sun is now rising higher and starting to work its’ ways, warm and power my path southward. i walk over ‘the cut’ (separating bedminster from hotwells) and wend my way onto familiar north st just as its residents are stirring. 

i hope to walk and photograph as much of bristol as i can over the coming months. some of bristol i know, much i don’t, and i’m looking forward to exploring. i’ll do my best to keep updating this blog with regular posts and new images; please feel free to subscribe if you’d like to be kept upto speed.

each week i will also try and give you a track that i have been enjoying of late and has some relevance to the post. if you want, you can click on the link and it will download into your itunes. this week; constant companion – dennis wilson   

thank you for reading don’t forget the sun. take care. k x


6 Responses to “rise and shine (bedminster, bs3)”

  1. tres bien monsieur x

  2. bon chance avec votre photographie.

  3. Jeanette Koch Says:

    Having not left the house for two days, how refreshing to be taken on your bristol walk. The sun has certainly entered my house and I love the photos! I like the way you see the objects around you. It makes me look at things in the streets, parks and gardens in a different way. The unusual juxtaposition of colours/people/reflections etc etc. make the everyday much more interesting and surprising, and your photography trains the eye to have fun with life around you. Well done and keep on klicking. I like this site too.

    • thanks a lot jeanette, really appreciate your kind comments. fancy a bristol visit in may? hope all’s well with you. j x

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